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TILE ADHESIVE (Cement and Polymer Based)

Green Apple Tile Adhesives are cement-based, polymer modified, premixed mortars which are blend of Polymers, Additives, Cement, graded sand and other filler formulated to perform excellent bond between tile/stone and substrate like concrete, plaster,tiles with surprisingly-low thickness of just 2-3mm.
Grand Tile Adhesive : Can be used for ceramic tile, tile on tile for wall and flooring application.
Ultra Tile Adhesive : White cement based tile adhesive for Granite, Glass tiles, Marbel etc, for wall and floor application.


Colour Grey and White
Pot life 30 minutes
PH Alkaline
Setting Time 24 hours
Coverage 2-3 sq. ft/kg for 2mm thickness
Shear Adhesion 10 KN

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